Point of Care Market


A recent infographic in the Medical Marketing & Media magazine highlights the value of point of care marketing.

Medical models are a crucial part of advertising and educating in the exam room, doctor's office, or waiting room.

They invite patients and doctors to pick them up and engage with them in a way that is impossible with a poster or flat screen. The infographic, prepared by Kantar Media for the Point of Care Communications Council, presents some outrageous data that should have all pharmaceutical and medical device companies take note. 

For example, after exposure to advertising at the point of care, patients are 34% more likely to take a medication as prescribed.

And then there is the reach of millions of patients at the point of care. Getting the word out, educating about disease and treatment, is best done right in the exam room. 

111 million adults (46%) say they have seen healthcare advertising at two key points of care in 2016- the major one being ads seen in a physician's office.

Pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers cannot afford to avoid placing an ad in the exam room- medical models provide an educational tool that in invaluable for both the patient the doctor.

Check out the infograph posted below.