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Dynamic Illustrations

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"Chromosomes featuring DNA strands"

This illustration was made for HDMZ, a marketing communications agency in Chicago that works with healthcare and science brands. It was for their client Thermo Fisher Scientific to showcase their new BRCA1/2 Assay kit. It depicts Chromosome 17 unraveling into a DNA strand, with the hypothetical position of the BRCA gene highlighted. Chromosome 13 has the hypothetical location of the GRCA gene glowing on the leg.

It was created in 3d sculpting software Zbrush and Blender, and compiled in Photoshop. All materials and models were created uniquely for this project. 


"GERD Descriptive Illustration"

This illustration was made for Outcome Health as a compilation of 3d models and illustration in Photoshop. It is a description board explaining the effects of GERD on the stomach, highlighting the failure of the lower esophageal sphincter to close completely, creating a backsplash of stomach acid into the lower esophagus.