orthopedic Models

From a joint replacement to an educational model explaining different meniscus tears, our orthopedic models will help you communicate to your patient or client. Physical therapists find our models helpful in describing how exercises can target the patient's injury.

Orthopedic Implants- Knee Brace Model

This model was made for GPI Anatomicals for a client that had invented a new type of brace. Many other models were made for clients to showcase how well their joint implants matched the existing bone.


Physical Therapists- Meniscus Model

This model shows 6 different types of tears of the meniscus. This hard to visualize area of the body is made clear with a three dimensional model. Let us help your patients understand their injury with a model.


We have helped inventors and innovators secure grant funding by creating a model that helped show their idea clearly. A working prototype is invaluable when communicating something novel and complex.



How can we bring your orthopedic implants to life?