Educational Models

Educational models are very effective at point-of-care to help patients understand not only their anatomy but also their pathologies. These models were created for National Sleep Foundation to educate parents and children on enlarged adenoids and sleep apnea. 


Sleep apnea- adult

This model was created to show the anatomy that can lead to sleep apnea. It was created at life-size, so that a sleep apnea mask could be placed over the model to show how a mask can help a patient breathe. One side has normal anatomy, and one has deformed anatomy. Often, these comparisons can help patients better understand how their anatomy has been affected and how a treatment can best help.


Enlarged adenoids- child

This model demonstrates normal child anatomy, anatomy with an obstruction like enlarged adenoids, and post-treatment. The comparison side-by-side is invaluable for getting an idea across as complex as child head and neck anatomy.


How can we help educate your clients on their disease?